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Retul Bike Fit Session

Retül Bike Fit Program

Be One With Your Bike

The Retül Fit Program was designed so that ALL riders can achieve comfort on their bike.   There is something for every rider’s journey, whether they are completely happy the first day on their bike, or require a little more customizing.


Bike Set Up

Performed at the point of sale, the salesperson will make sure your saddle height is set at a comfortable and safe position and that your brakes and shifters are in a safe position.

Retül Sizing Appointment

The custom service every rider needs on a new (to you) bike.  Get the contact points in the ball park and make sure product selection is correct for your body on the bike.

Retül Fit

The service that all discerning riders get.  All touch points on the bike will be customized to fit your body perfectly.  Our 15-step process will look at your body’s ranges of motion and flexibility, understand your injury history, and your cycling goals; then we customize the bike to support your body.

Annual Retül Fit

The service that every rider needs for their body on the bike every year.  A lot can change in a year, and that includes your bike fit!  Our fitter will re-assess your body, goals and injury history, and fine tune your fit to again support your body perfectly on the bike. 

What to expect from your bike fitting:

Pre-fit questionnaire:

Sent to you to fill out and return before we meet. I will then review and prepare for your fitting. I want to make sure you receive the most pointed and specific information about your needs during your fitting.

Pre-fit analysis:

Starts with a discussion about your answers to the questionnaire. Next is a series of anatomy and flexibility measurements. Along with evaluating foot structure, rotation, flexion, arch, and forefoot angle, knee position, leg length comparison, sit bone width, shoulder width, arm reach/angle and spinal curve. We then use a motion capture video to view and evaluate your position on the bike.

Bike adjustments:

The information attained is used to fit your bike to you to achieve maximal efficiency, comfort, and performance as desired. Discuss necessary changes to saddle height, fore/aft, and tilt position, stem length, height and angle, handlebar position, foot/cleat position. Taken into account is your torso & pelvis angle. Make sure your hands, arms, shoulders, and neck positions are in line with your needs.

Equipment changes:

Identifying where it's essential or recommended and why.

Common items changed or upgraded include:

Cycling footbeds to support your foot's natural arches ($30) Saddle to support your sit bone width (wide range of choices and prices) Gel padding/bar tape with road bikes to increase comfort with hands/shoulders ($20-40) Stem to optimize upper body position ($40+) Less common are shoes, pedals & handlebars


My goal is for you to leave your fitting with a higher level of awareness of your body & bike relationship. I will educate you during the bike fit process to help you understand not just why we made changes but how to utilize your position going forward. Exercise/workout advice: Off and on bike exercises to improve efficiency or to correct limitations.